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/ 05.28.2019

NEW! DaFin Vissla 4.0

SHOP 4.0's About DaFin The BeginningDAFIN  was developed by Andy Cochran, an Aussie who has made Hawaii his home for the past 35 years. Cochran had been a lifeguard at Australia’s famous Bondi Beach and was one... Read More

/ 05.28.2019

Mini Hubblite Kicks Restocked!

SHOP About Mini Kicks The 21″ Hubboards Fun Size Mini Kick Board is perfect for the smallest mini grom or the biggest shorebreak charger you know! It can be used... Read More

/ 05.28.2019

Gear Aid Sale!

SALE Gear Aid here! About Gear Aid "Our mission is to get more people outside—using their hands in the process. Whether you're camping, fishing…or hunting, you encounter times where you... Read More
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