Zefr Bodyboard 48" Electric

Zefr Bodyboard 48" Electric


Our strong foam is durable enough to wait for the beginner to become the expert, year after year your ZEFR will
adapt to you. We hope that the difference in our foam will propel us to the top of the list of good surfboard brands for
many years to come.

Inspired by the ocean’s soul-feeding energy, we created the ZEFR Fusion Board.

STRONG: Fused foam, Closed cell, One-piece, Solid PE molded board.

UNIQUE: One of a kind coloration, no two boards are alike.

VERSATILE: “Decide Your Ride” ride it either prone, drop-knee or stand up.


The ultimate shore-break board

Like its rider, every board has a unique design, making it unlike any other board of its kind. The ZEFR Fusion Board is one true, continuous piece of molded and fused PE foam. This provides crazy durability and lasting strength. Now you know why we offer you our Lifetime Fusion Warranty.
Because our board is fused, we don’t need stringers, allowing us to remove dead weight. Add to that the “tentacle grip” traction molded right onto the deck (reducing the need for traction pads and wax) and you have a truly accommodating ride. With mold-fusion technology there is no chance of delamination, heat bubbles or water logging (Fusion Warranty), even after years of use! Invest your money wisely knowing this board will live on to become a trusted old friend.
With our removable twin fins, the ZEFR Fusion Board allows you to “Decide Your Ride.”
No matter the wave size or location you can ride it…prone, drop-knee or standing up.
Feel the power of the waves. Let a ZEFR Fusion Board carry you to places no other board can…time and time again.
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