Block Surf California Twin Fin For Bodyboards

Block Surf California Twin Fin For Bodyboards


What’s old is new! Hold an edge like never before. Allows dropknee and standup riders to put more torque into their bottom turns. You can even customize the size and shape of the skegs using a sharp knife (at your own risk). This set of two skegs/fins comes with 4 screws are for the bottom of your bodyboard are made of flexible, durable plastic. To install, you only need to punch four holes through your board and pop the screws through to connect with the skegs on the bottom.


Distance between screw holes on skeg: 4 inches

Skeg length from front to back along the base: 5 inches

Skeg height from base to tip: 3.5 inches

Screw length: 2 inches

Maximum board thickness these will work with: 2.75 inches

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