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Become a Coastal Surf Supplies Dealer

To become a Retailer Member, complete and submit our form. You can also complete our PDF and email it to us at

Retailers Registration

Basic Information

Do you agree to the following terms:

Clicking Agree attests financial responsibility, ability and willingness to pay our invoices in accordance with our terms. Applicant agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees plus interest in case of default in payments in compliance with terms. Applicant personally guarantees to pay charges incurred if the company should fail to do so.

Approval is contingent upon the location of your operation in relationship to Coastal Surf Supplies existing customers. Coastal Surf Supplies Reserves the right to restrict sales of certain brand names based upon our agreements with manufactures.

Do you agree to the following policies:

Payment information

  1. We accept all major credit cards. Recently opened retail shops with limited credit history may pay by credit card or with a certified funds check on delivery
  2. Established shops that provide references with a good credit history will be considered for COD company check privileges. There may be a set limit amount in which you can write the company check. Upon approval of your company check request, You will be required to provide us with a credit card number. Coastal Surf Supplies LTD. reserves the right to charge the credit card at anytime for non-sufficient funds checks and any other related debts
  3. Terms are based on references that reflect an outstanding pay history, years in business, etc.. Upon approval of terms request, a credit and number must be provided.

Returned Checks
A $35.00 NSF fee will be added to the COD total of your next order. This order will be shipped COD certified funds unless you pre-pay with a credit card

Refused Orders
All refused orders will be restocked and charged a 10% restocking fee or $50.00 if the order is less than $5000.00) plus all shipping charges, unless prior arrangements are made to reship the order before it reaches our warehouse. All certified fund orders that are reshipped are released pre-paid only.

Returns and Defects
Customer service must issue a return authorization number for defective product to be sent back

Shortages and Errors
Customer service must be contacted within 3 days for UPS and 1 day for freight of receiving your order with discrepancies

Prices are subject to change without notice

Address/Ownership Changes
It is the responsibility of the shop to inform Coastal Surf Supplies of any changes in regard to the billing and shipping address. Fees will be charged if wrong address is given.

Personal Guarantee
Must be signed to be considered for privilege or paying with a company check, otherwise, all orders will be shipped cod certified funds or credit card.

Shipping Receiving Policy

  1. Check and Inspect all surfboards upon delivery for damages to the outer and inner packaging and the board prior to signing the freight Bill of Lading. Failure to do this will result in denial of any claim without compensation for shipping damages.
  2. If damage to shipment is found, please document on the Bill Of Lading provided by the shipping company at the time of receipt. Document any damages in detail.
  3. DO NOT refuse any portion of the shipment at any time. If a board has any damage whatsoever, please accept the shipment after noting the damages and contact our shipping department immediately.
  4. Repairable damage- pressure dings, scratches, scuff or other minor damage will be assessed for local repair and appropriate compensation will be provided.
  5. If the damage is severe or irreparable, Coastal will issue you a return authorization number and will coordinate the pickup of the damaged item.
  6. Returns are not allowed without an issued Return Authorization number from Coastal.

Coastal Surf provides the highest level of shipping and claims service in the industry. We do everything in our power to assure the safe and prompt delivery of your goods. In the instance of shipping damage, the above requirements must be met in order to qualify for a claim.

Clicking Agree, I am stating that my shop and its employees are aware of Coastal Surf Supplies receiving policy and waive any rights to damage claims or compensation in failing to adhere to the process above.

Do you agree to the following online policies:

Clicking Agree confirms acceptance of the following online policy: Retailers may not sell any of our products on Amazon/eBay/Wal-Mart unless written permission is obtained for the specific products. Coastal Surf Supplies reserves the right to restrict sales at any time. Clicking Agree also binds accounts to future terms and conditions that may be added to the Dealer Application. By placing an order on our website, regardless of first submitting a Dealer App, you agree to our terms and conditions. Obtaining a username and password binds you to these agreements.

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