ZEFR Restocked


“We are a small family operation lucky enough to live at the beach and be surrounded by a network of friends and family who love spending time with us on, in, and around the ocean. Our idea was to bring stronger, longer-lasting foam to the table of surfers, bodyboarders and all around water enthusiasts and to collaborate and learn how to make better boards for watersports. It’s been exciting watching our boards being customized with fin boxes and handles, being pulled behind a boat or seeing a video of someone flying down a ski slope. Our boards allow you the freedom to express yourself however you choose.

We spend time in surf shops talking about design, size, function and the history of surfing in general. The progression of our designs has changed intentionally as we have obtained newer and newer foam. Our first, the 48″ FUSION BOARD is purposefully accommodating for all skill levels with its wide deck and soft rails. ZEFR’s newest addition, the SPADE hand plane was designed with precision cut channels and an HDPE slick bottom. Later this year we will be introducing our newest boards, the 54″ removable twin fin ZEFR FUSION 54, and the colorful 42″ bodyboard the ZEFR SLAB.”


Check out the Zefr Boards here!

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