Shapers Board Bags Now Available!


Shapers Bags

Shapers Bags Restocked!

The Platinum Series Shapers Board Bag is an ultra lightweight heavy duty travel board cover that is perfect for long hauls and remote destination travels. Additionally, the board cover is plane damage resistant. The cover has extra padding and reinforces the nose, tail and rail for additional protection. Being so, the Platinum Series is great for those that are tough on the board and need extra care during travels.

Additionally, the DayLite Series is an ultra lightweight bag designed for everyday usage. The cover has a shoulder strap, carry handle and storage pocket. Therefore, the DayLite Series is perfect for hiking, short road trips or boat transfers. Not to mention, it is the perfect solution for ding and sun damage.

There’s no need to worry about board damage when you have Shapers Board Bags. They’ve got you covered!

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