Futures Installation Kits


Futures Installation Kits are Restocked!

Installation Kits by Futures are back! A bit about the kits: The ILT Install Kit installs the the Futures ILT system and is perfect for pre-lamination use. Additionally, the Leash Plug Install Kit  installs the Futures Leash Plug. Conveniently, it is for both pre-lamination and post-lamination. Another item back in stock is the 1-shot Install Kit. The 1-shot Install Kit installs the Futures 1-shot box which and is ideal for both pre-lamination and post-lamination. Lastly, the 2-Pass Install Kit installs Futures Fins Boxes after lamination. Futures Kits will provide with everything you need for your installation needs!


Check out the kits here. 

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