MTI Adventure Restocked!



MTI Adventurewear Restocked!

For the discerning racer or touring paddler, the MTI Fluid 2.0 is unequaled in comfort. This USCG Type III belt pack PFD is approved to be worn or carried. The pack has a 3D mesh padded comfort belt that hugs the body securely. Additionally, the the unique zippered storage is big enough to fit your sunscreen, key, and lip balm. The Fluid 2.0 also contains a daisy chain attachment system on belt for attaching gear. Uniquely, the indicator window lets you know in an instant if PFD is armed for inflation-uses included bayonet style 24g CO2 cylinder. Not to mention, the bladder fold lines make it easy to repack.

Meanwhile, the MTI 16g is known as the “lightweight value pillow style.” This universal size life jacket fits a range of adults. The lifejacket provides 16lbs. of buoyancy when inflated with CO2 cylinder. Additionally, the pillow is designed to be topped-off orally to reach full inflation. The low profile compact design with a pillow style bladder makes it easy for users to pull to inflate. Simply, use the red oral tube for additionally inflation by mouth. The 16g includes a 16-gram CO2 cylinder, movable D-ring attachment point on belt, and USCG Type V (must be worn to be legal).


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