Sun Cure Repairs All Kits Now Available!


Sun Cure

Sun Cure Repairs All Kits Now Available!

After years of testing, Ding All-SunCure now offers a Universal Epoxy Repair Kit for ALL Surfboards. This unique kit has resin that repairs both poly and epoxy boards. The resin dries non-tacky within minutes and can cure up to 1/4″ thick when adding Q-Cell filler. Additionally, the resin is strong and easy to sand. Also notable, the resin dries ultra clear and will not yellow. The kit is airline safe and has a shelf life of 5+ years. The resin can laminate fiberglass cloth and can be cleaned up with soap and water. Not to mention, the resin does not emit any VOC fumes.

This Sun Cure Kit Includes:

2oz. (60ml) UV Epoxy Resin

6” x13” fiberglass cloth

White filler

Sturdy – 2 grade Sand Pad

3 Applicators

2 Mylar Cover Sheets and tape stickers

Check out these universal kits here. 

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