Sticky Bumps Restocked!


Sticky Bumps is Restocked

YES the warm wax is back!!!

Sticky Bumps is a premiere wax brand that changed the wax industry in 1992 with their Snag and Grab technology. They implemented a new additive in their wax causes it to stick to the board and build up small, sticky bumps as you’re waxing, setting them apart from other surf waxes completely. So, what makes Sticky Bumps so unique? Sticky Bumps is environmentally friendly and produces wax that is ecofriendly. Everything is reused and recycled. Additionally, when you’re finished, Sticky Bumps biodegrades through an emulsifying process. Therefore, it gets sent right back to the environment from which it came. Just when you thought this wax couldn’t get any better it does… The signature scent smells great; one of the signature scents being the well known blueberry. Even when you surf all day you’ll find yourself getting a whiff of the scent. 

Sticky Bumps is made for surfers by surfers. Who knows what you need when you’re in the middle of a huge wave better than a fellow surfer. All the products are tested, designed, and made by other surfers, ensuring that each product is created with passion and experience.

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