Matunas Wax Restocked!


Matunas wax RESTOCKED!

Matunas wax is restocked in base coat, warm, cool, cold, and tropical. Notably, Matunas surf wax is a premiere surf wax made in California. So what makes Matunas unique? The wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, petroleumfree, free of synthetic chemicals, eco-friendly surf wax, and contains local ingredients. Matunas prioritizes being eco- friendly by creating products that do not have negative effects on our environment. Therefore, the wax is pure and does not have any additives. So yes, Matunas really is 100% natural.

Additionally, Matunas surf wax is easy to apply to boards and is sure to remain sticky throughout your surf sessions. Thus, giving you optimal traction while you surf. Being so, Matunas has proven to be a premiere surf wax brand and has support from notable riders across the world.

Try Matunas wax today.



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