Custom X XPE’s Restocked!


Custom X XPE

Custom X XPE’s are Restocked!

Custom X Xpe Bodyboards will give you all the features you expect in a high end board and more. The board is extremely versatile and can be used as a prone bodyboard or drop-knee bodyboard. The unique design gives you stiffness needed for drop-knee boarding, but also provides control and speed for prone bodyboarding. Additionally, the boards are made with high-grade Surlyn slick bottoms with channels. Notably, Surlyn plastic is the best material that can be used for any bodyboard slick. Also, the boards have a wave-plank polyethylene core. The crescent tail provides users with more control and better grip. Custom X boards are made to last even with everyday frequent use. Not to mention the boards come in vibrant bright colors sure to make you stand out.

Just as in the beginning, Custom X continues to take pride in providing its customers the highest quality products in the industry. Today’s team of professional athletes likewise continues pushing the limits, both in and out of the water, for the company more than ever. With that much said, the legacy of Custom X presses fervently into the future of all water sports.

Grab your Custom X XPE board here.

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