The Surf Brush is Restocked!


The Surf Brush is Restocked!

The Surf Brush keeps sand on the beach and not on your feet. After many years of using an old stiff whisk brush, towels, or water jugs, the Surf Brush evolved out of a necessity to get sand off feet and surf gear after surf sessions. The brush will keep sand out of your car and in its natural habitat, The Beach.

Additionally, this unique brush is made in the U.S.A. and the new shorty handle is 8.5.” It is a green product with a unique soft and durable bristle that easily whisks sand away. It also has an excellent bend recovery and resistance to oxidation in sunlight. Uniquely, the bristle does not change significantly between wet and dry applications because it does not absorb much water. Therefore, this makes it an ideal material for many wet applications at beaches, rivers and lakes. And best of all, it’s soft on the skin.

Check out the Surf Brush here.

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