Syck Trix Boards Now Available!


Syck Trix Boards Now Available!

Syck Trix boards are great for balance training. These boards provide you with balance exercises that are beneficial to your overall health, helps improve your sports performance, coordination, core strength and will speed up your reaction time. In addition, this unique board proves to be versatile with its uses for multiple platforms. The Syck Trix Balance Board allows for cross training across multiple sports categories both indoor and outdoor for all ages and skill levels. Indoor/Outdoor balance training 24/7. Some of the most common use for Syck Trix include ollie training for Skateboarders, Wake Surf Trick Training, Rehab Balance Solutions, Surf Training, Aerial Tricks, Warm-Up Exercises, Balance Activity for Babies, Indoor Balance Games, but the possibilities are endless.

The perks: Syck Trix boards can perform all of today’s sickest aerials and fliptrick tricks. The board is quiet for indoor Board Training wont drive parents crazy. You can learn without losing skin. This unique board provides optimal direct training for surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, wake surfing, skim boarding, snow-skate and wake skating.

Get ready to learn sick tricks with the one of a kind Syck Trix boards here. 


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