The Surfer’s Journal 27.3


The Surfer’s Journal 27.3 is here!

As a reader-supported surf publication, The Surfer’s Journal is a truly unique periodical. It’s an independent take on the surfing experience with just six sponsors, making each 132-page issue almost entirely editorial. Uniquely, the magazine delves into topics that get little attention elsewhere, covering travel adventures, surfboard design, profiles of surfing’s most colorful subjects, and the also includes the choicest surf photography in every issue. Coupled with the premium construction, The Surfer’s Journal 27.3 is a product that is peerless in its quality and content. The Surfer’s Journal 27.3 is the newest edition of the magazine thus far. Being so, this edition includes some of the best content yet. Notably, The Surfer’s Journal is a novelty for surfer’s as the magazine brings to life surf and more. Thus, making this magazine a must have for those immersing themselves in the world of surf.

So, take a look at a sneak peek of the edition below and grab your Surfer’s Journal 27.3 here.

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