New & Restocked Goodwood Boards


New and Restocked Goodwood Boards are here!

Goodwood was founded in 2004 in California. Goodwood Boards utilize 100% Northern Michigan Maple 7-ply cold pressed decks. Additionally, the boards have an impressive concave shape and have unique designs that embody art, skate culture, music, and more.

Why Goodwood? These unique boards are stiffer thanks to the patented tri-core that is 3 times stronger than traditional ply. Being so, when the boards are assembled together you get an incredibly stiff skateboard with more pop than ever. In addition to being more stiff than typical boards, the boards are also stronger. The tri-core ply is more dense and is held together with their special glue that makes for a stronger board. Lastly, the boards prove to be long lasting. You’ll find that the high quality of these boards allows a longer board life. Specifically, the extra hard wood plys allow for a more snappy and long lasting tail.

Take a look at the one of a kind Goodwood Boards here.

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