Evolve Paddleboards NEW & RESTOCKED!


NEW and RESTOCKED Evolve Paddleboards items are here!

Check out the new paddles by Evolve Paddleboards! Evolve Paddles are the perfect paddles to pair with your Evolve Paddleboard. These paddles are durable, but also have a unique carbon technology that makes them all lightweight. You won’t want to paddle with anything else. Additionally, Evolve Paddleboards are restocked! Evolve makes a variety of paddleboards in order to suit every individuals desire. Looking for a yoga paddleboard? The Evolve Yoga Roots Boards have a longer pad and flatter deck to make your yoga experience even better on the water. Additionally, we have the Evolve Inflatable Boards which will give you convenience when traveling. Even if you just want a board for simple cruising, the Evolve Padillac is a perfect option for you! This board is known as the caddy of paddleboards which has made it Evolve’s best selling board. Thankfully whatever your use, Evolve Paddleboards has a board for YOU.

Deciding to ride an Evolve Paddleboard will leave you with endless possibilities for growth, as we continue to change and seek the best that life has to offer together. So, live your best life with our Evolve Paddleboards here.

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