NEW Good Wood Skate!


NEW Good Wood Skate!

Good Wood is known for creating strong and long-lasting skate decks. The tri-core ply is dense and has unique glue that holds it together making each board durable and strong. Additionally, the company prides themselves on their boards longevity. Being so, they even urge that the “boards last so long you end up changing out the grip tape several times before this board wears out.” Also, the extra hard wood plys make a snappy and long lasting tail.

New to CSS is the Good Wood Justice Trip, Good Trip, and the Deluxe Stained Decks. The Justice Trip Deck has a unique design that features a mosaic design with angels and lions throughout the board. On the other hand, the Good Trip has a multicolored designed similar to tie-dye. Meanwhile, the Stained Decks have 7-plys of North American (Canada and Michigan) maple and a lightweight two part epoxy glue that is “cold pressed” together at their very own PRIME Skateboard Factory.

Check out these new decks here.


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