Hubboards Restocked!


Hubboards Restocked!

Hubboards Mini Kick Boards 21″ are now back in stock in a variety of colors! These Mini Kick Boards have a smooth and closed-cell deck skin that provides minimal water absorption. Additionally, the 60/40 rail design offers the best ratio for increased edge control. Not to mention, the board comes with a pre-installed leash plug anchor that is compatible with all wrist and arm leash tether systems. With this board riders can reach optimal speed when riding. The board is also known for offering maximum control when riding a wave. Thanks to the deep crescent tail design riders have the ability to maneuver easily. Overall, this mini board is known for providing riders with speed, control, and durability.

In addition to this board, we also are restocked on the Hubblites in 33″ 36″ 39″ 41″ 42″ and 45″. This board utilizes an EPS core to make the board lightweight so riders can go faster. Inside the board is a fiberglass rod that maximizes durability and strength. Additionally, the board design prevents water absorption. Much like the mini, this board provides optimal speed and turning capabilities. Uniquely, these Hubblites have a “Hubb Tail” design that allows riders to reach optimal speed while also providing optimal lift when launching.

Through daily R&D and product testing the Hubboards brand revolution is helping to bring more fun and function to the future of bodyboarding and is the best vehicle we have to give back to this sport we all love.

See you in the tube.

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