COR Racks Now Available


Cor Racks

Just in COR Racks!

COR Surf is now one of the largest supplier of surf & SUP racks in North America. From the original wooden surf rack, to bike racks, waterproof bags, and many accessories, they now feature over 18 products. Uniquely, these products consists of sustainable materials. Much like the green logo’s image displays rock balance they emphasizes life balance through effective simplicity when creating their products. The company consists of a tight knit group of outdoor-loving individuals who all surf, enjoy traveling, exploring and thoroughly testing each & every product. Being so, the company is known for creating products of the highest quality. Specifically, their bike and surf racks are easy to install and are extremely durable.

Notably, COR is quickly becoming the leader in outdoor accessories while supporting rad people and causes and is excited for future adventures that bring everyone together…outside. 

Check out the racks here!


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