Wetsox Now on Sale!


Wetsox Sale

Wetsox Sale!

Wetsox were founded by avid outdoorsmen in the North East who are passionate about making the things we do outside just a little bit easier. Uniquely, these socks can be used for surfing, diving, hunting, fishing or snowboarding. Additionally, they allow you get in and out of your gear with ease. Likewise, they will keep you warmer for longer and protect you from unnecessary stretch and stress.

So, they say getting in and out of a wetsuit and boots is the hardest part about getting in and out of the water- and well, they’re probably right. So, enter Wetsox. Now, you will be able to get in and out of your wetsuit and boots in seconds with the reduction of friction. It’s that simple. And if you think getting your gear ON easily is great- imagine never having to fight with another wet wetsuit after a long cold session. Yeah- there you go.

Grab yours here.

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