Now offering a Shapers 6 Pack Special!



Shapers 6 Pack Special!

Shapers Surf is an Australian owned surf company that is at the very grassroots of the surf industry. For over 25 years Shapers has been arming surfboard manufacturers at home and around the globe with the tools, materials and new-age composites to make the highest level of performance surfboards possible. Being so, Shapers dedicates themselves to helping the surf hardware industry progress with the continued research and development of products. Shapers is passionate about making products that are functional, performance based and relevant to all surfers, in all conditions.

Check out our Shapers Tailpads, Leashes, and Longboard Fins. Now, if you order 6 tailpads, 6 leashes, or 6 longboard fins you will receive a 10% discount. Shapers tailpads are lightweight, closed cell water resistant, rash resistant, offer premium board adhesion, and most importantly, provide sticky long lasting traction for your surfboard. In addition, the leashes have extreme strength and flexibility. Also, Shapers Longboard Fins provide excellent stability and mobility.

Check out our Shapers items here and take advantage of this Shapers 6 Pack Special!


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