Just Arrived True Ames Fins!


Now available True Ames Fins!

Back in stock are the True Ames Twin Fins which are Futures Compatible and have a flat inside foil. The fins are a classic twin fin set that has been made since the 80’s. The design is well-balanced and is proven to be of high quality. In order to achieve the performance characteristics that have become the standard of solid fiberglass surf fins, the company uses E-glass. It is the most common type of fiberglass used in surfboard construction. The E-glass qualities translate with great success into fin construction. Also, E-glass has excellent flex characteristics and performance longevity. Thus, making these fins of the highest quality to give riders optimal performance.

Additionally, the True Ames Side Bite are also Futures Compatible. Uniquely, the 3.25” side bite came about accidentally while experimenting with center fins. After Tom Parrish broke a 7.5” center fin, a friend loaned him a 5.5” fin for his 8’6” mini long board. Doubtful that the smaller fin would hold, he found after a few waves the board was noticeably looser and yet did not spin out. So, this led to wanting to try smaller side fins as well.

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