Doc’s Proplugs Now Available!


Doc's Proplugs

Doc’s Proplugs Now Available!

Doc’s Proplugs is a unique earplug that is for different types of water uses. The earplugs have a soft hypoallergenic plastic material that makes them extremely comfortable. In addition, the earplugs do not contain latex and are completely reuseable. Uniquely, the these earplugs become even more flexible when the temperature of your ear warms them. Therefore, making the earplugs form fit to each individual’s ear auricle. Additionally, the Proplugs are available in different sizes to accommodate for every ear size.

Once fitted correctly, the Proplugs will form a watertight seal that contours with the movement of the jaw. Additionally, the memory properties of the Proplugs create an excellent seal that cannot be duplicated with hard molded, foam or even silicone putty.

Doc’s Proplugs is known as the premiere water sport earplug that was made for you by a surfing doctor. Doc’s Proplugs provides the best quality earplug for the ultimate ear protection for all water sport athletes. By spreading the importance of ear damage prevention their goal is to help people have fewer worries when doing the sport they love.

95% of Doctors and ENTs recommend using Doc’s Proplugs for bathing, swimming and extreme water sports.

So, protect your ears with the doctor recommended earplugs!

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