Wax Buddy Combs RESTOCKED


Wax Buddy Combs are Back in Stock!

Wax Buddy Combs are engineered to be the best surfboard wax comb on the market. The Wax Buddy design incorporates a scraper, a comb, and cupped rail edge. It’s trademark is the handle that provides incredible leverage. Likewise, the compact size fits easily into your travel bag, baggies or glove box, and is very lightweight. The Wax Buddy Combs are made of of 100% recycled materials because they love the sea. Being so, they are made from heavy duty recycled plastic. Additionally, Wax Buddy wax combs fit comfortably in your hand. This allows you to remove wax completely from deck to rails or rake-out wax for a more even wax job.

Once you give it a try, you will never go back to using ordinary wax combs again. Choose Wax buddy.



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