Ding All Repair Kits Restocked


Restocked: Ding All Kits

Ding All Repair Kits are perfect your surfboard repair needs. Each kit makes it easy to fix imperfections on your surfboard. Not to mention, these kits make it easy for anyone to make repairs and also can make permanent repairs to your board. Additionally, the Ultra¬†Clear finish blends perfectly with your surfboards’ existing glass for seamless repairs. Also, these kits are easy to transport so you can make fixes at home or on the beach. So, put a kit in your bag and be prepared for fixes anywhere. In any event, this kit has you covered.

This Kit includes:
* 2 oz. Resin Plus Hardener
* Fiberglass Cloth
* 2 Sanding Pads (2 grade)
* Cup & Mixing Sticks
* Cover Sheet
* Easy Instructions

So, find your fix with Ding All Kits!

Check out our available kits here.

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