Restocked and New Shapers Products


Shapers Surf is an Australian owned surf company that is at the very grassroots of the surf industry. Shapers is dedicated to helping the surf hardware industry progress with the continued research and development of products that are functional, performance based and relevant to all surfers, in all conditions.

New Shapers ponchos!

Shapers surf ponchos are high quality cotton hooded ponchos that are perfect for changing into your surf gear at the beach. Great for surfers, swimmers, triathletes, or any sports where you need to change in a public place.

Restocked on Shapers changing mat, board bags, tailpads!

The Shapers changing mat is perfect for your changing needs. With this changing mat you can prevent yourself from sandy wet suits. Use the drawstring to secure your surf gear for safe waterproof transport in your vehicle.

Also, check out the Shapers Platinum Series bag. This board bag is ultra lightweight and heavy duty. Being so, the board is a cover perfect for long hauls and remote destination travels. The board bag’s unique design includes extra padding for more protection and is even plane damage resistant. The Platinum Series is ideal for those that are tough on the board and need extra care during travels. We also have a variety of other Shapers board bags perfect for protecting your board.

Additionally, Shapers Tailpads are lightweight, closed cell water resistant, rash resistant, offer premium board adhesion, and most importantly, provide sticky long lasting traction for your surfboard.

Check out all of our Shapers items here. 






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