Matunas Surf Wax Just Arrived!


Matunas surf wax

Matuna’s Surf Wax Just Arrived!

Matunas surf wax is the only non-toxic, biodegradable, petroleum free, no synthetic chemicals, eco-friendly surf wax, that is made with local ingredients in California. Matunas strives for environmental quality and ethics in their business. Therefore, this wax is 100% Natural, ecologically friendly, and good for the environment. Additionally, the package makes use of recycled paper. Mother earth says thank you!

In addition, it is easy to apply to any board surface which means less time prepping and more time in the water. Likewise, this wax provides you with undeniable grip and traction while surfing. Currently, we have Matunas wax available in base coat, cold, cool, tropical, and warm. These variations will all allow you to choose a wax based on your water temperature.

Matunas wax keeps the earth in mind and is the real deal! Check out this awesome wax here. 

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