Mrs. Palmers Wax Restocked!



Mrs. Palmers wax is Australia’s leading surf wax and is sure to give you maximum grip while riding waves. Specifically, the wax is ultra sticky and has properties similar to adhesives to maximize the grip. This formula is for those all day long surfs where you’re after maximum traction the entire surf. So, take your skills to the next level. Whether you are using the wax for recreational use or professional use, Mrs. Palmers wax is perfect to coat your board. Additionally, the wax is available in different styles to maximize grip in different water temperatures. These varieties include base, cold, warm, and tropical.

Specifically, Mrs. Palmers base wax acts as a base coat underneath cold, warm, or tropical wax. Therefore, the base coat provides you with an even stronger grip when applied with one of these other waxes. The cold formula is for water temperatures between 58 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. While the warm wax is designed for temperatures between 64 and 74 degrees. On the other hand, for the warmest water temperatures above 75 degrees, use the tropical wax.

From cold temperatures to warm temperatures, Mrs. Palmer’s wax has got you and your board covered!


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