DaFin Swim Fins Just Arrived!


DaFin Swim Fins: the worlds best surf and swim fins!

These revolutionary swim fins provide comfort and power to all users. The fins have a natural rubber material and a smooth foot pocket which makes them extremely comfortable. Being so, they do not require fin socks or booties. Additionally, they are one of the lightest fins on the market which reduces strain in the water. Impressively, the design of the fins allow them to be worn on either foot. Likewise, the unique design provides rigid resistance yet is also flexible where required. DaFin’s float in the ocean and look good both in and out of the water!

The United States Lifesaving Association endorses DaFin and The Hawaiian Lifeguard Association has also made DaFin their  standard issuer of equipment. DaFiN is the #1 choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and watermen around the world.

Make DaFin your choice, too! Check out our newest colors and patterns here. 


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