DaFin Is Restocked!



Don’t worry, DaFins are restocked!

DaFins and Kicks are back, so get ready for the spring! Shop here.

DaFins and Kicks are the preferred swim fins. Top of the line, these fins offer the ultimate performance in all things bodyboarding and body surfing. Be sure to stock up on this highly demanded brand. Read below for info on care and maintenance:


The factory uses a special silicone solution for cleaning the fins prior to packaging. If the fins feel too slippery right out of the box, before using rinse them under a faucet with cold water while wiping off the excess silicone solution with your hands. Let the fins air dry. This will reduce the amount of silicone solution on the fins. Do not use a towel or sponge to either wipe of dry the fins.Our fins will last for several years if properly maintained.
· Always rinse your fins thoroughly in fresh water after each use and allow to air dry in a shaded area.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

· Do not leave fins exposed in the sun for extended periods of time, for example, in the back of an open truck or in your car exposed to the sun through the window.

· Do not use ArmorAll or any other chemical cleaner on your fins, in particular any petroleum based product.

· You may clean your fins from time to time to restore the color using a petroleum free silicone spray and a soft rag.

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